What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church which helps to guide a baptized child into claiming the Christian faith as their own and participating more fully in the mission of the Church.
In order to be faithful to God’s command to teach and disciple, it is our goal in Confirmation Ministry to meet the following objectives:
 1.     To provide guidance for our young people to grow in their faith relationship with God;
 2.     To pass on to them Christian traditions that lead to an understanding of God and to an understanding and appreciation of our place in creation.
Who is eligible for Confirmation?
Confirmation is ideally for students entering 7th and 8th grade. However, other students in high school and college, as well as adults, who have not yet been confirmed are also welcome to participate.

Confirmation students are expected to:
·       Attend all classes as outlined in the schedule
·       Learn the material from any missed class session
·       Regularly attend worship services
·       Serve during worship services in a capacity of their choosing
·       Develop a life of prayer, service, study, and fellowship with God and fellow Christians 
Confirmation students are strongly encouraged to:
·       Participate in youth group
·       Participate in the ministry of the congregation in an area he/she chooses
Parental Involvement
Parents supporting Confirmation Ministry is part of fulfilling the promises they made at their child’s baptism. Therefore, parents are reminded that they are responsible to God for being models of a godly life for their children.
To that end, Confirmation parents are expected to:
·       Make class attendance a priority
·       Make Sunday/other worship services a priority
·       Pray with and for your child
·       Fully support Confirmation Ministry