About Us



St. Timothy Lutheran Church is a community baptized in Jesus Christ, affirming the authority of the Scriptures, proclaiming the Gospel, calling all people to become disciples, and sharing in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are a Congregation of the North American Lutheran Church - N.A.L.C.
Core Values of the NALC:


Success is people doing ministry, leaders who develop other leaders, and faithfulness to our mission. To that end, we live by the following values:

Biblical Worldview -
We value the Bible as the Word of God. We make our best effort to think and act like Jesus, experiencing and interpreting our world from a biblical view. Our Biblical Worldview is the foundation of how St. Timothy Lutheran Church operates.
Hospitality - We reach outside our four walls meeting others wherever they are in their journey and make decisions based on their needs. We are generous toward those in need and respond with compassion.
Discipleship - We are fully devoted followers of Jesus who encourage and help others to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We practice core competencies described in our Marks of Discipleship.
Servanthood - We recognize Jesus as Savior and also as Lord and leader of our lives. The master calls us to use our gifts in ministry meeting the needs of others both inside and outside the church.
Safe Place - We foster a high standard of ethics in ministry, relationships, finances, and operations that create a culture of mutual trust and confidence. We recognize we are all sinners in need of God’s grace and reflect his grace to others.
Teamwork - We establish and maintain productive relations with others while doing the mission and ministry of the church. We celebrate the diversity of God’s children and the unity that God calls us to in the mission of His church.
Respect - We treat others with respect and follow biblical principles in all relationships. We work through our differences in a way that brings honor to God. We hold ourselves accountable to God and one other on the journey.